Why We Should Not Celebrate Christmas

Believers Today Casey Olugbenga Adeleye

Many people, believers and churches do not celebrate Christmas because there has been no place in the Bible that says believers should celebrate this day and since no date was recorded as the exact date Christ was born into the world, so every December 25 is just like every other day. Many Churches dislike the season and have refused to make Christmas celebration a no issue in their activities. A number of reasons are given which I quite agree with some and discard other conclusions. For some believers and churches as I mentioned Christmas was not mentioned in the Bible, to some others, it origin is from the devil, it is pagan.

Let me point us to other issues relating to this celebration: the concept of Christmas may be an idea from unbeliever(s), the world naturally loves evil, and so setting aside a day to celebrate Jesus Christ is a miracle (if it is by world order). If God can use an unbelieving king in the past to fulfill His purpose, then we, Christians should be wiser enough to also shape the occasion to suit the Will of God which is to preach the Gospel to all nations.

If the idea actually came from the so called unbelievers or the world power at that time, they have equally made a great mistake in celebrating a Man the Bible says, "…of the increase of His Kingdom, there shall be no end." It was said at a particular time, Christmas was established to pacify Christians who lived at a time. So for the sake of Christ in the Mass, I urge all Christians to celebrate. Unto Us a Child is born and a Son is given. Christians face persecutions all the time and all over the world, we should also use this period to celebrate Christians all over the world suffering for Christ in the countries or communities.

A look at Luke 2 vs 10, Angel announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds and proclaimed to them: “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." My emphasis is, “I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY, WHICH SHALL BE TO ALL THE PEOPLE.” The birth of Jesus Christ was the beginning of a great joy to the world, even though the Bible did not specify a particular day or date He was born, but one thing is certain every soul must rejoice at the birth of the Saviour of the world. If Heaven rejoiced at His birth, what are the people of the world waiting for? The Saviour is born and since the birth of Jesus Christ, the world has never remained the same and it will never be.

In Daniel 2 vs 44, the Bible says, "And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever." So men and women, young and old have everlasting access to Christ, for this reason let us rejoice. For unto US a child is born, and unto US a SON is giving and the kingdom shall be upon His shoulder. Therefore, Christ Jesus is the JOY to the World and remains so hence we all who believe and those who don’t should celebrate Him.

How will you feel when you gives birth to a son as a father or mother, you are not doing the naming or celebrating his birth, but another family close by is helping you to celebrate, kill cow, call his friends to celebration and why they ask him the reason behind his celebration and he now tell his visitors, I am celebrating the birth of my neighbor’s son. Where will you stand? It’s going to be a public and open disgrace to your family because you don’t value what God gave to you. Don’t make the mistake of throwing the season away; it is giving unto us to celebrate our salvation and freedom from darkness.

Or should we say the world order now realized their mistake and they're stylishly renaming the celebration to “XMAS”, in undoing their error. The world is already celebrating, even though some may not know why they celebrate, but as Christians we should stop bothering ourselves about the origin of Christmas and start looking at the OBJECT of the celebration. Each year, we give awards and celebrate role models in our society for a good job done; but I believe that the One born for a purpose which is to save and to deliver and to give life in abundant worth celebrating forever. He did not live for Himself; He suffered and died for you and me to reconcile us with the Father.

If some believers or denominations in the Christendom question the origin of the celebration, let me ask, is every first day of the week which we called Sunday the real Sabbath Day as mentioned in the Bible (both Old and New Testaments)? Saturday is all known to be the Sabbath Day as specified in the Bible and set aside by God that is why we have the Seventh Day Adventist those who believe in Saturday as their day of worship, but from research and messages I'd listened to, it was confirmed that the Holy Spirit came on a Sunday, Jesus Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday and several other miracles happened on Sunday hence the Church decided to change the real Sabbath which is Saturday to Sunday believing there is something special about this day called Sunday. Can we then say that Sunday Service is not biblical? One thing I know, God appreciate and abide with the will of His people hence the allowance we do have to hold services on Sunday. Jesus Christ was actually born and His birth firmly recorded and events documented of His birth.

Let me conclude with this, Jesus Christ was born (in a manger) no doubt about that, which means there was no room for Him in the Inn, i.e. He was born in a manger. No room for Him in His family, No room for Him in the temple, eventually no room for Him in the City, He was crucified outside the city and finally, no room for His body, He was buried in a borrowed tomb. But at last He's risen. And I will now saying there is no room for His celebration. Just because the world distorts Christmas does not make it evil. We need to avoid the distortions and use the Season as God intended or in a way that does not go contrary to God's character and holiness.