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Difficult Discussion: CRK, Education Curriculum, and the Rest of Us

Believers Today Casey 'Gbenga Adeleye

Great work and well done to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) led by Rev. Samson Ayokunle on the recent inclusion of Christian Religious Knowledge back into the National Education Curriculum after its merger with other subjects in Nigerian schools by the Federal Government. Before now, Nigerian National Dailies were being white-washed with news, articles, accusations and counter-accusations. Online media and social media platform were not left out, it was so serious that the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), an agency of government saddled with the responsibility of developing curriculum for Nigerian schools made a quick clarification.

In his reaction while leading a delegation to the Acting President, CAN President, Rev. Samson Ayorinde said, “whereas CRK, according to the new curriculum, would no longer exist as a subject in schools but rather as themes in civic education, Islamic/Arabic Studies/French subjects on the other hand, have been introduced in the new curriculum.

He said with the new arrangement, a pupil would have to study either of Islamic Arabic Studies or French, pointing out that the end result is that a Christian student will be left with no option than to settle for Islamic/Arabic Studies since French teachers are more or less non-existent in secondary schools.

Demanding a return to the old curriculum, CAN which described moves to force Islamic studies down the throats of non-adherents of the religion, described the action as injustice and one agenda deliberately crafted towards Islamization of the nation.

“We are here to point your attention to a time-bomb, obnoxious, divisive and ungodly secondary school curriculum that the Federal Ministry of Education is introducing into our schools and of which we had earlier complained to the presidency. Then, if I am not mistaken, it was suspended but has again been re-introduced without any review at all.”

Christians and their leaders at various fora had voiced out their concerns against the danger of mddling up Christian Religious Studies with others and making it optional to students, pointing out the risk of such to national cohesion. This is why at a sitting of the House of Representatives and the Senate recently, the honourables unanimously by a voice vote rejected the policy which subsumed CRK in Civic Education; it stated that the policy was against the provision of the Nigerian Constitution.

While our fear has been addressed, come to think of it; before now Sunday School and Bible Study were parts of church programs and activities. With this, strong believers today and great men of God were made strong and developed because of their attendance and compulsory participation with many being spearheaded by their parents or guardians. Majority of the people who commented on this issue on my Facebook page confirmed they were flogged or beaten then if they ever came late to Sunday School class.

Also Tuesday was then synonymous to Bible Study day among the Christian Community nationwide, everybody including unbelievers knew that after work or school on Tuesdays, believers must go for a Bible study because it gave them opportunity to ask question about the focus topic or question bordering or burning in their hearts. Bible study and Sunday School really provoked revival some decades ago, such are still happening among some churches who retained these all-important activities in their ministry or church programs.

CAN Authority and Leadership should not just question the Federal Government on why they stylishly removed or muddle up CRK in the curriculum, they should also talk to those general overseers, pastors and evangelists who today removed Sunday School and Bible Study from their church programs and activities. Believing that the total number of churches around is more than the schools we have in this nation combined, let our leaders if they want to provoke revival or wanting to educate their children about God return Sunday School and Bible Study as part of their church activities; if we cannot properly train our kids at home and in churches, no teacher can help our kids to know the true God

When last did most of the Christians who are calling for the head of the Federal Government attend Sunday School or Bible Study (for those churches who still retain it in their activities)? Most of us do not have time for the things of God anymore, we now run after money and things that will not last, claiming no time. Remember, what you don't value, will never profit you.

In a little research I conducted, most churches claimed that Sunday School and Bible Study were merged with Home Cell or using Home Cell as substitute for School School/Bible Study; I sharply disagree because of the nature of our Home Cell. For Sunday School is a forty minute to an hour event while Bible Study is at least two hours if not more than that in some churches. So how can programs of close to three hours be substituted with a fifty minute or an hour event and we expect the same results? This shows why we have half-baked Christians in Christendom today. Most churches that had removed Sunday School from their church programs, glory in Mega services (four, five services per Sunday and sharp, sharp messages) and many of us do not have time for Sunday class and Bible Study, we are now complaining of removing CRK from National education Curriculum. We neglected the 'spirit-filled man' and now clamouring for teachers in schools to teach our children about God. This is a great error and hypocrisy of the highest order.

CAN Leadership should not also look away on this matter and should as a matter of urgency call for a meeting of their blocs to discuss this issue. A lot of pastors or so called men of God today do not want their authority to be questioned and do not want their members to be free or independent. Some Christians today cannot take decisions on their own because they are used to their pastors; they rather obey their pastor than obeying the Word of God. Their pastors are their gods, they do not take time to study their Bible and listen to God for direction. This is why a lot of people are calling for or talking about old time religion.

As Christians, we must repent and turn to God, spend more time in prayers and in studying of the Word; equally as pastors, we must look inwardly and check if we are still in line and in tune with God who gave the vision. Are you doing the right thing? If God calls today, how many of us will go with Him? Let us consider our ways and live according to His standard, and let the fire fall again.