Don't stop praying, a New Nigeria is possible

Don't stop praying, a New Nigeria is possible

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We agree that if not for the prayers of the saints, Nigeria will today exist not as a nation; but when you have not seen what you prayed for, you cannot stop to pray. As citizens of this nation, many of us believe that this is not the Nigeria of our dream; we are experiencing agitation from left and right, accusation and counter accusations, insurgency from here and there. Health status of our dear President is of great concern, if truly we love our nation, we must go on our kneels and pray.

For now, we glory in the past; when people talked about what opportunities were available for citizens in the past, many of us cried. Today, we have leaders in every sector that paraded wonderful CVs and enjoyed scholarship from Nigerian government to study abroad but alas! Today, we have our young people roaming the street without jobs. Potentials are dying. Where's Nigerian Airways? Where is accountability as it had been done in the past?

Yes, we have missed it somewhere but we are in the process of redeeming our image and that's why we must never stop praying until we get what we desire as a nation. Let us keep praying for our leaders beginning from Mr. President to the Acting President, to all Senators, to honourable members. We must also pray for our Ministers, Governors, security agencies and heads among others; we must continue to pray until our joy is full over this nation.

Thanks to the Church and those who have been praying without ceasing for the nation, it is God who will reward. We have received comments and reactions after the last publication, in the edition, we said, “pray for the peace of your nation”. But some said, why must they pray when there are no jobs, no food and the likes? But thanks to them for listening to some of our counselors who took time to give reasons to pray apart from the fact that our Bible commanded it.

If we are still in recession, it shows that we have not prayed enough and not just that policies have not been made to take us out of recession, but our enemies do not sleep, they always re-strategize. Prayers also sometimes does not mean to just open our mouths and communicate with God, it also involves changing actions, attitudes and deeds at every point in time, turning to God with our hearts. Our mouths must be in tune with our hearts and our hearts with our hands. So lift up holy hands in prayers for our dear nation, for hitherto we have NOT prayed! Psalm 122:6; John 16:24; Romans 12:14; and 1st Timothy 2:1-2.

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