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Believers Today

Believers Today (BT) Newspaper is established to spread news around Christian Community and empower believers with life-changing information and revelation about the Word of God and the world they are living in. We are an authentic and reliable Christians News Institution with the sole aim of breaking unswerving reports to believers and the general public. Believers Today conducts research and come out with possible solutions for growth and development of the Church and the society in general. We employ different tools and godly talents to support and help God’s Children and Church to grow, develop and increase their knowledge-based; encourage them to take requisite and concrete actions towards achieving their God-given dreams and purpose on earth to the glory of God.

Believers Today Newspaper invest in scriptural orientation and research and strives to bring back God’s ordained principles which are lacking among believers today. BT will work assiduously to return the Old Time religion and landmarks of Old and promote godly and Kingdom minded activities that will bring more souls to God and His work much more than in the past.

BT will create opportunities for Christians particularly children and youth including the vulnerable, identify possible areas for growth within the Christendom for his people and suggest ways to increase such prospects to create wealth for all true and genuine followers of Christ.

It is our belief that creating more opportunities for believers and promoting unity among the Church will not only add more souls to the Kingdom, but also encourage believers to do more for God without hesitation.

We hope to achieve our aims with the support of individuals, churches and private institutions and with the help of the Trinity.


Built on the foundation of Christ, mandated through the Holy Spirit for enlightening, advancing and edifying the Body of Christ using godly talents and tools to straighten His (God’s) Path, strengthen His Church, and sharing His Truth in total obedience and respect to God’s Word as taught in authority. (Heb. 12:12-13; Rom. 14:19; 2 Cor. 13:10)


To bring believers into deeper knowledge, application and appreciation of God’s word through information sharing, creative opportunities, and promotion of godly virtues in order for believers to become active participants in the Kingdom and in society at large.


Strengthen Believers for God and His Kingdom


Truth, Courage, Wisdom, Love, Unity, Faith, God’s Word

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